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19 days

December 7, 2016


what better way to remember the true reason for the Christmas season than with a live performance of Handel’s Messiah! and what better way to see Handel’s Messiah than with your very own Friller & Triller as the mezzo soloist! and what better way to enjoy Handel’s Messiah than in a reduced version with chamber orchestra, 4 soloists, and a narrator to guide you through this glorious musical journey! for all those who always (and so lovingly) ask, “when will you be singing in LA?”…well, the answer is finally, “now!” what a wonderful family outing!…and a perfect way to celebrate this season. so all my southern california friends, join me next weekend for glorious music, cookies, libations…and perhaps a sing-along of the spectacular Hallelujah chorus!  dates and locations below. 19 and counting!…


click here for details and tickets

cinderella story

March 11, 2016

so hi. here in South Carolina. performing my seventh Cenerentola. what?! i know. i was like dumbly giddy when someone hired me to sing my first one. and I remember thinking after that production, “I’ll be so sad if no one ever hires me to do this again!” because I’m a sucker for singing all the notes, and cleaning all those fireplaces, and bringing the most charming story to life for an audience filled with little princesses in tiaras. but you never know. in this career. you can want all things. and work hard for all the things. and dream of all the things. but never get a single one. so 6 years and 7 prince charmings later… this cinder girl feels pretty darn blessed!

p.s. check out off what i’ve been doing in SC behind-the-scenes, front-of-the-scenes, and every-other-kind-of-scene in this rad slide show.


the perfect selfie with my current glorious cast!


my fourth Cenerentola, at Seattle Opera, wearing cutie tee to match my glasses and wig


my 1st Cenerentola with Opera Idaho


all these beautiful little princesses helped me celebrate my fifth Ceneretola, at Opera Pensacola


post-show, in the Philippines, for my sixth Cenerentola with all these adorable angels


November 16, 2015

hi! happy monday!  i’ve missed you! so yeah last week just didn’t happen…i was so caught up in this whirlwind of tech rehearsals and orchestra dresses and opening weekend that my mind was d-o-n-e, done! it’s funny how a little thing like singing can really take it out of you…i guess the 8 costume changes, 5 wig changes, hiding under chairs, jumping out of windows, and getting slapped in the face also had something to do with it. but that’s opera! well…that’s Nozze di Figaro. I wonder what it’d be like to do an opera where you just sort of stand and sing…sounds horrible, right. well, happy to be back.  it’s all windy and blustery (i almost wrote blistery…gross) up here in northern california, so i’m excited for a few days off to explore in this pretty fall weather! xox


susanna + cherubino = love (ish)


nervous is just a number

May 1, 2015

so the weirdest (and most amazing thing) happened last night…I was totally and completely not nervous for my show.  normally, when I’m singing a new role on a big stage with a fancy orchestra and jazzy costumes, I get nervous. and that’s totally ok. and i’ve totally come to accept my nervous self and work through it. but like, the nerves were totally M.I.A. so much so that I got nervous cause I wasn’t nervous. and I thought, what’s wrong with me that I’m not nervous!  but even THAT didn’t make me nervous! and you know what happens when you’re not nervous??  you have a really amazing, fun show where you enjoy every second! who knew?! I’m hoping to try this again sometime in the next decade…cause it was pretty rad! I fully and completely recommend this. like no nerves. ever again. on or off stage. basta. enough. end scene. boom.

this is me being a not-nervous brunette Dolly Parton backstage (a.k.a. stage hair/make-up...with my street clothes)

this is me being a not-nervous brunette Dolly Parton backstage (a.k.a. stage hair/make-up…with my street clothes)

daphnis & chloe

March 12, 2015

i pretty much have a crush on the show I’m doing right now . it’s funny and playful and sweet/raunchy combo. the music is beautiful. the cast/creative are amazing. the costumes are everything (see below). there are sheep involved. and whips. (but we never whip the sheep.) it’s only an hour long…you’re welcome. it’s Offenbach…you’re welcome again. so if you’re in nyc, come see it! click here for all the details! baaa!daphnis


 ~ Daphnis & Chloe with Heartbeat Opera~

p.s. rad sketches by beth goldenberg