August 16, 2016

sometimes you just need a spa escape. with salt water pools. and skull caps. and photobombs. and terrycloth robes. and eucalyptus steam rooms. and sun in your eyes. and blue martinis next to the blue sea. and tiny frilly desserts. and the most beautiful seascape. with a friend. that is the bestest. for no reason. other than just because. without feeling guilty. cause yeah. as they say. you’re worth it. maybe. or if not. finds someone who thinks you are. and have them take you!spa1 spa6spa3 spa4 spa5


August 12, 2016

one of the questions I get asked the most about my job is if it’s hard traveling all the time. and the answer is a big old “no!”  i love traveling. like a lot. it might actually be my favorite part about this job. but no matter where i am or who i’m with or how much love i have for a place, i will inevitably, at some point on the gig, hit the ants-in-my-pants-ready-for-home wall. and said wall has been hit. like it’s not so bad that i’m trying to climb over it. but i’m def ready for some enchiladas. some Bob Costas Rio coverage (sans pink-eye). sosie picking her nose then showing me her treasure. and all the good, lovely things that just aren’t where i am now. and it doesn’t mean that i’m not happy right at this moment. i am. there’s so much on this little island that makes me smile. like my 5 wonderful roommates who might be my favorite people ever. but yeah. we’re craving home. and enchiladas. and as life works, once we’re home, we’ll be craving the road. and still enchiladas. but c’est la vie! (see i spoke the french…cause i’m in france).

beachy beach waves

August 9, 2016

so I get super hair-lazy in the summer. it’s too hot and sticky to be doing blow-outs (plus, the only blow dryer I have in france is seriously from the 1950s and it takes like 3 days to straighten my hair).  so this means a lot of dirty hair top knots or going au natural with my not-so-beachy-beach-waves…which i’m sort of loving right now cause it’s so frickin’ easy.  so here’s what we got going on:

  1. wash hair
  2. when still wet, comb thru with wide tooth comb
  3. part hair how you like, then scrunch dry with a turkish towel or soft jersey t-shirt…you’re basically just getting all the excess water out of your hair while helping shape your curls
  4. squirt a quarter size dollop of Oribe Curl Control Silkening Creme into your hands. Rub together. then scrunch into hair.
  5. let air dry…and voila!

your hair won’t look like it has any product in it at all.  it’ll just sort of keep the waves in check. this is def my fav curl product I’ve found in a long time. my oribe curl mousse is too crunchy and sticky for my taste.  but this is Rio Gold, baby!


air-dried beachy waves

luck be a lady

July 27, 2016

so i sang at a party for this 92-year-old firecracker of a lady. she’s an artist. her medium is oil paints. and she’s everything you’d hope to be at that age. fierce. stylish. quirky. intelligent. and the bell of the ball. i was admiring all this, and telling her so. and she told me, “you know what, honey, my luck didn’t come to me till late in life. i had to wait around a long time, but she eventually showed up.  lucky’s a busy gal, but that’s life.” so yeah. i loved hearing this. cause i may or may not often confuse “not happening now” with “never happening.” (insert panic). but sometimes things happen later. and later is good too.(insert calm). cause later is the future. what’s happening next. the up and coming. things to look forward to. so yeah. gonna love all i have now. be ok that i have no idea what lies ahead. and patiently wait for (but not rely on) luck…cause if luck be a lady, i’ll wait like a lady for luck…in an elegant night gown with my calming tea and rose petal face mask (a.k.a. sweats with a bottle of wine and rocky road all over my face)


(photo credit: bh studios)


oh, hey there!

July 25, 2016

oh hi!!! so yeah, big, unexpected hiatus. but i’m back. and oh how i’ve missed you! i’m not really sure where I went…I guess everywhere. nowhere. perhaps trying to cross some things off that 2016 to-do list of mine. but i was thinking about you. and f&t. lots. and lots. and collecting all kinds of randomness to share with you! and i mean, what better way to say hello again, than with tons of pics of my face (eep!)…and my fav summer lipsticks. obvi.





  1. bite: violet
  2. tom ford: hiro
  3. ysl: #22 pink celebration
  4. tom ford: william