to the top

October 6, 2016

no shock to anyone that i’m not the most athletic person ever. but this year has been all about going way outside my comfort zone, especially physically. and somehow it’s already october. and somehow there are only 11 weeks left to conquer 2016 and that to-do list of mine. so yeah. seems it was time to cross another thing off (see list here). thus rock-climbing happened. and i maybe loved it the most. i’m not saying i’m good at it. at all. but i didn’t completely suck either. i mean, it took me 5 tries to get to the top of the wall in this pic. and i think i was technically still one move away from the for-real top. but whatever. i got there. and i was so proud of myself. and of course all of these amazing life/rock-climbing metaphors suddenly appeared post-climb. like…the way i got to the top was by only focusing on what was directly in front of me and directly ahead of me. the moment I looked back or too far ahead, I panicked. it was daunting. and i didn’t feel capable. but when i just took each move at a time. and stayed calm. and attempted to do what i thought i couldn’t do. then hey. suddenly. i was at the top. and guess what, totally capable and amazing and apparently the best rock-climber that ever lived (insert emoji winky face). and i may have scuffed my fancy rose-gold chrome mani. but that can happen when you’re busy conquering life.


shout-out to my climbing buddy who wouldn’t let me quit and helped me find a way…

the little things…

September 22, 2016

i’m having a mild love affair with these 5 things right now. i don’t need them. but i don’t want to live without them! they’re nothing fancy. but they make me all kinds of happy. eep.

1.   so it turns out working out for the first time in my life is making my feet a total disaster. this spiky foot massage ball is my savior. it hurts so good!

2. my sweet friend amina introduced me to these magical erasable pens, and they’re a game changer! I use them in my scores for musical markings that might alter from production to production, and in my calendar that’s constantly changing. L-O-V-E!!!

3. who knew disney princess emojis could bring such happiness to the world?! I did! it’s the little things…


disney princess stickers

4. man, i heart this thing. i had a magnetic one i adored, but it involved having to put a magnet on my phone case and it was finicky and didn’t work with all my cases…so yeah, this thing. it’s expandable and swivels and all the good things.

5. i may be an old lady who wears her sunglasses on a chain, but i don’t care!  i never ever put my sunglasses on my head cause i don’t want to stretch them out. so i’m always leaving them on store counters or dropping them on the floor or misplacing them…so this adorable chain by Sintillia is my damn jam!

free and thank you

September 8, 2016

so i have a slight obsession with getting things for free. not like trying to get things that weren’t intended to be free for free. i’m not a haggler. but like gifts-with-purchase. costco samples. celebration-pins-from-the-disneyland-concierge-stand kind of free. yeah. i like that stuff. a lot. one time i got a free shower head at the LA County Fair. it’s still sitting under the sink in a box. but i got it. i have an entire drawer in my bathroom filled with make-up samples. sometimes i just stare at them in pride. sometimes i use them. and sometimes i like them so much i actually buy the product. which is when it’s a true win-win for everyone. so yeah. you may remember me talking about the holy grail of beauty samples. the jackpot of all gifts-with-purchase. the mega beauty bag extravaganza (link to post here). and you were asking when they happen…well, it’s happening now. like 2 of the best. one at space n.k. and one at barneys. this is the big leagues, people. no chintzy tiny perfume envelopes here. just the good sh$t. mini-travel size bottles and lipsticks and mascaras and hairsprays and facial masks and eyeshadows and night creams. boom. so you’ve been warned. get it. thank me later. enjoy. mine are already in the mail. scene.

  1. space n.k. beauty : The Essentials Collection
  2. barneys : Love Yourself Beauty Event 

twelve months

August 31, 2016

how are we hours away from september??  like seriously. where does the time go?? i was just thinking about all the places i’ve been in the last 12 months and holy crap, it’s sort of a lot. which is weird. cause when did it all happen? so here’s a rundown of  it all. from august to august. in order of appearance. philippines. hawaii. san jose. the california coast. chicago. yosemite. napa. seattle. the oregon coast. miami. british virgin islands. south carolina. hawaii again. utah. yosemite again. st.louis. kansas city. dinkey creek. belle-ile, france. paris. oregon. home. what?! sort of crazy. a lot of this was for work. but so much of it was for real life. as i like to call it. either way, it was all rad. proof is in the pics. the next 12 months have a lot to live up to! so where’s your favorite place you’ve been lately?!


august: pagsanjan falls ~ philippines


october: california coast ~ carmel


october: my beautiful friend, abby ~ chicago


november: my favorite little chapel ~ yosemite in winter


november: my fav place in yountsville ~napa


december: snoqualmie falls ~ right outside seattle


january: my dad & i driving through a redwood in humboldt


february: the best pina colada in the world ~british virgin islands


april: flying over Oahu… when the plane door opens ~ hawai’i


may: moab ~ utah


june: mirror lake ~ yosemite in spring


june: fresh fish & bbq ~ dinkey creek, ca


july: belle-ile ~ france


august: the prettiest drinks at the prettiest bar ~ The Ritz Paris


august: mt.hood ~ oregon



August 16, 2016

sometimes you just need a spa escape. with salt water pools. and skull caps. and photobombs. and terrycloth robes. and eucalyptus steam rooms. and sun in your eyes. and blue martinis next to the blue sea. and tiny frilly desserts. and the most beautiful seascape. with a friend. that is the bestest. for no reason. other than just because. without feeling guilty. cause yeah. as they say. you’re worth it. maybe. or if not. finds someone who thinks you are. and have them take you!spa1 spa6spa3 spa4 spa5